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One Week of Twitter :: Five Tips for #FYE1220

June 10, 2010

We’re about halfway through our One Week of Twitter. Many of you have provided your Twitter ID. I have made lists of the names (using a service called TweepML). Be sure to follow everyone in your class, along with the additional people I recommended in the One Week of Twitter assignment blog post. And follow others, too! If you’re not following people who are interesting to you, then you will get nothing out of this assignment.

You can easily add your classmates to your following list in Twitter by visiting this link FYE 1220 and following the directions on the page

Five tips to keep in mind:

  1. I see that some of you are tweeting, but not really tweeting anything of substance. It may be okay to write “Sooooo bored!” as a Facebook status for your friends, but in Twitter, try to be more engaging and professional — at least for this one week assignment.
  2. Remember to reply to people in addition to writing your own original tweets. Broadcast-only tweets may be okay for some news organizations, but not for real people.
  3. Check your @UserName (username = your Twitter ID) to see who is writing directly to you. I am hearing from some of my Twitter friends that they’re writing to my students, but my students aren’t writing back at all. Maybe it’s because you didn’t know how to check for replies?
  4. Share links to information you find interesting or useful, along with a little commentary on why others should read it.
  5. Use Twitter’s search feature to find tweets marked with the hashtag for your class (#FYE1220).

Hope you found this note helpful.


(PS — You’ll write about your Twitter experience next week.)

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